Technique Of The Week #7

De La Riva Pass to Far Side Armbar

This week in our seventh installment for the technique of the week, coach Tony Casarez is one of the ways pass the De La Riva guard and move securely into a far-side armbar. This technique starts by removing the pressure from the outside leg by removing the de la riva hook and stepping back. At this point Tony steps over the outside leg and secures the grip on the collar with his right hand while forcing the outside knee behind the opponent’s hamstring, hence trapping his opponent’s hips. This allows him to collapse down and secure the underhook. With shoulder pressure, his body moves forward until he is free from the opponent’s leg and then utilizes his knee to pivot to the opposite side. While still having somewhat of a underhook on right arm he moves from a tight side control immediately transitioning into a far side armbar by pulling the opponent’s arm up and moving around the head. The final point is that prior to finishing the armbar, the opponent’s leg is secured preventing an escape.

Pass to Submission Breakdown:

  1. Push de la riva hook leg down and step back with the far leg
  2. Step over the far leg and secure the collar grip with the right hand
  3. Drive knee behind hamstring, trapping opponent’s hips
  4. Lower your body and collapse the opponents open half guard
  5. Secure underhook
  6. Move your body up and free of the legs
  7. Utilize the right knee to pivot around to the opposite side of the body
  8. Using the underhook on the right arm pull the opponent up and transition around the head
  9. Secure the leg and arm pinch the knees and submit

At Team Casarez BJJ here in Cary, NC — a Lucas Lepri affiliate — Coach Tony Casarez and his team strive to teach the most practical moves that will help in both competition and self-defense. We have both Adult BJJ and Kid BJJ programs which drill moves just like this on a regular basis. We invite all to come train with us creating a welcoming team friendly environment. We have students from Raleigh, Durham, Cary and more, so do not hesitate and come try a free week today. Contact us today for more information on our BJJ classes available.

Technique Of The Week #5

This fifth installment for the technique of the week starts off when your opponent has you in a single leg X guard position. A brief breakdown of single leg X is when the person has control of the ankle via hugging it to the side of the body. The outer leg is secure to the leg and pinching the inner knee creating pressure while the foot wraps to the front of the hip. The inside leg is positioned between the legs with the shin on the inner thigh or foot on the inner hip, and pinching with the knees. This position can be very dangerous for leg lock attempts, sweeps, and more.

Now What to Do:

  1. Right away, you see Tony grab the top of the foot for the outer leg and secure a grip on the inside leg pant cuff.
  2. Once he removes the outer leg he proceeds to drop down and grab the collar keeping the grip on the inside pant cuff.
  3. Then, he long steps back forcing the opponent to roll to his side keeping the grips the entire time.
    This provides enough space for him to shin slice on top of the opponent’s legs to the opposite side of the body without inference of the legs (since they are smashed down by the left grip) and control the back position.
  4. From this point, he puts the available right leg hook in place and rolls to his left hip allowing the other hook to be implemented.
  5. Now with the back properly controlled, he feeds the collar for the choke and rolls once more to position for the GI choke submission.

Avoiding this single leg X guard comes with knowing how to pass it, and following the steps above will teach you just that. At Lepri Raleigh here in Cary, NC — a Lucas Lepri affiliate –Coach Tony Casarez and his team display techniques like this to the BJJ students to help them in both competition but also in self-defense scenarios.

Our Adult BJJ and Kids BJJ programs drill moves just like this on a regular basis, so no matter the position there is an opportunity for a pass, and then submission. BJJ has changed the lives of many and we invite potential students interested in Raleigh, Durham, and Cary to come try out a free week. Check out our class schedules and let us know when you are stopping by to learn from the best in the Triangle area. Contact us today for more information on our BJJ programs.